Entry – 1

I like quick results. I hate waiting, and I hate repetition. It’s a disease at this point.

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Two Roads

Confucius decided to add to Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken.’ We tried to stop him…alas we failed…Remix y’all!

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Something is better than nothing

We all have our quirks those things that make us weird and impossible to other people, and most often we tend to get in our own way when we try and do things, especially when we doubt ourselves based on those insecurities. So what can you do? Wallow in your own insecurities? Let them boil over inside you? Allow that broth of self-loathing destroy you on the outside as it does on the inside? Give your inner demon control and free-reign over your body?

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It’s a mental game. Life always is. So how do you expect to play it right when you let chaos run amok inside your head? Organize your thoughts and let positive thoughts heal your mind.

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