Who is this new character? Let’s explore him together!

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The Resurrection.

Jesus was like Liam Neeson. He had a particular set of skills.

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Good Omens

I drain my cup of sweet nectarThen look at the tea leaves torn asunderThese leaves speak in omens of episodes to comeGood fortunes ahead, disaster for someI care not for those disasters of someI focus on Good fortunes,With a side of rum Of course I jestMy body knows bestMy body is a templeNo rum I […]

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Good Omens and Bad

Life tends to throw you signs sometimes. It’s weird to be honest to feel something so outrageous happen to you that you start to question whether…you’re even really awake. Know what I mean?

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Lost in Thought

You wanna find out what Konfucius is on? Read his poem here. Still don’t get it? Read his thoughts here. We’re back in business people! Stay tuned for more dumb stuff!

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Two Roads

Confucius decided to add to Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken.’ We tried to stop him…alas we failed…Remix y’all!

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